Green tea: Its introduction and benefits

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“Tea doesn’t have to be boring.” The creamy taste of delicious coconut is perfectly matched with the organic green for all tea lovers. If you want to “Discover a new destination every day”, then we promise to provide you with the best ingredients of best quality green tea. Green tea is used by many people in the world from ancient times to get maximum freshness for the whole day long. In many cultures of the world, people use green tea as a natural remedy for getting relieves from tiredness, keep their body fit and healthy. The origin of green tea starts from the highest tier of Chinese society where they take green tea to provide themselves with long-term health benefits. “Drink better- live better” Our main objective: Our focus is providing good health to everyone because we believe on “Your health-our mission.” The main priority of Yalda is to provide “good healing experiences of good health- for everyone, all the time.”


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